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Flask / Windows IIS Setup

I wrote a little manual to help me remember how to setup Windows IIS with Python / Flask / WSGI to get a Web app going.  You can get it here

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Multithreading TensorFlow / Keras Models

I made an example (with some code borrowed from the Web) of how you can multithread TensorFlow models in Python.  The key I found was to wrap any execution of a model predict function in a lock.  Here is a link to the files.  This is not for training of different models in parallel--only for af…

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Install Tensorflow 1.3 / Keras on Ubuntu 16.04 with NVIDIA 1080 Ti / Titan X

Note: These directions are subject to change, but worked for me on 8/12/2017 on a Intel 4-core CPU desktop.

1. Remove NVIDIA card from computer and plug Display/HDMI cable to the connector provided by motherboard.

2. Reboot computer and get into BIOS (delete/DEL key while restarting or other key…

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Cython Example

This is a simple Cython example I made from another website's tutorial.  I remember when I was trying to extend Python functionality with C.  It wasn't too bad, but Cython makes it a lot easier.  Here are the files for the example.

1. Install Cython: “pip install cython” from windows comma…

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Install VNC on Ubuntu 16.04

VNC or Virtual Network Computing is a tool I like to use when I want to "remote desktop" into my Ubuntu machine.

1. sudo apt-get install vnc4server

2. sudo apt-get install gnome-session gnome-panel metacity nautilus gnome-terminal

3. type 'vncserver' and enter password

4. sudo nano ~/.vnc/xst…

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Making a Small Raspberry Pi Hadoop / Spark / Yarn / Hive Cluster

Sometimes the best learning comes from doing.  I put together a small Raspberry Pi cluster a while ago to try and learn more about Hadoop and Spark.  The result is this tutorial to help set one up.  It may be a little dated, but maybe it will help some folks get started.

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