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Installing Tensorflow 1.3 / CUDA Toolkit 8.0 / cuDNN 6.0 on ASUS GL502VS-DS71 Laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 and Nvidia 1070

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My ASUS GL502VS-DS71 laptop had some operating system problems recently so I decided to reinstall Ubuntu on it.  Somehow the Nvidia driver got updated to a more recent version (384.90) that didn't work with Tensorflow.  This is an excellent opportunity to refresh the installation procedure of Tens…

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Installing Jetpack 3.1 on Jetson TX2 with Tensorflow 1.3 / Keras / hdf5 (.h5)

1. Download Jetpack 3.1 runfile from here on Host PC.

2. Run the installer "./" from terminal (you may need to navigate directory to location where downloaded).

3. Follow prompts and instructions to install.  The download may take a while and after it has completed,…

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